Melex Industrial has as its core focus the use of CNC sheet metal punching and bending technology in the manufacture of precision mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium components for the electronics industry. However we also offer a whole range of other complementary services and products:

CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Punching and Bending
The use of CNC punching and bending technology and machinery, means that our products conform to the strictest requirements in terms of quality, consistency and precision. The equipment at our disposal also means that we are capable of producing virtually any custom sheet metal product, no matter how intricate.

Design and Development
Much of our work involves the design, development and manufacture of custom products that fulfill the specific needs and requirements of the client. We offer assistance of design work in-house, using SolidWorks, a 3D design package.

We are capable of offering spot welding, TIG and MIG welding, mild-and-stainless steel welding, as well as aluminium welding.

Self-Clinching Fasteners
We make extensive use of self-clinching fasteners, to provide accurately positioned nuts, studs and standoffs.

Powder-Coating, Anodising ,Electroplating and Silkscreening
Melex Industrial is one of the few suppliers of sheet metal components to the electronics industry in the Western Cape that offers an in-house powder-coating service, with a large range of colours and textures to suit any product and application. In addition, we will arrange for products to be anodized, electroplated in various finishes, wet-sprayed and silk-screened if required.

We carry out in-house assembly at Melex Industrial, meaning we not only manufacture specific components that are used in the make-up of a particular product, but that we can also assemble the product in our factory. This translates into significant savings for our clients in terms of time and efficiency.

Freight, Packaging and Delivery
We offer a full freight service, and will arrange for orders to be packaged according to client requirements and shipped anywhere in the country and further afield if required.